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Jiangsu Baopeng Building Industrial Material Co., Ltd. is a business entity jointly established by Baosteel Engineering Technology Group and Jiangsu Pengcheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. Supported by such advantage as location of Liyang, professional background of the “town of building”, independent technical innovation of Baosteel brand and extensive market connections of Pengcheng Steel Structure, our company adheres to the objective of bringing about green building through science and technology in...

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Always adhere to “coming from production and coming to customers”, 
and strive to cast leading quality

Provide the best quality products, 
with products as the first guarantee,
 lead the industry in quality

Integrate production, R&D, sales,
 installation, service and capital 

Have focused on the construction 
industry for many years, made 
in-depth study of industry trends

Service to such three types of major steel structure assembly residence as “high-rise steel structure residence, low-rise light house and steel structure public building”


Inorganic resin decorative veneers and other series

Insulation decrative plates consist of inorganic resin insulation decorative plates

Aluminum insulation decorative plates

Galvanized insulation decrative plates



Our company organizes related personnel to carry out activities at the Tsuenson Design Institute in Changzhou
Our company participated in the July 2016 Changzhou Construction New Products and New Technology Promotion Conference
Leaders of Baosteel Company visited Fuyang to investigate new construction projects
Warmly celebrate the BaoPeng new website!
Pengcheng joint venture with Baosteel
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